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13 lessons I learned from my late father

It’s been exactly 13 years today, when he left. I was young then and I have no idea what the world is. We are the one who always fight but also always together.

During his time, I learned a lot from him. And I am thankful that he gave his best for me to learn those things he knew for my betterment. Here are some of it.

  1. Being not judgmental to other people.
  2. Being kind to other people even if others are not.
  3. Do not please everyone, those who really know you will understand you.
  4. If you are right, fight for it.
  5. Give your best even others doesn’t seem to appreciate.
  6. Do not give up, keep following your dreams.
  7. Be thankful for all the things that you have.
  8. *deleted*
  9. Enjoy life.
  10. Being lazy leads you to nowhere, you have to move.
  11. People will make mistakes, if they hurt you, forgive them anyway.
  12. You need to be smart, so nobody can fool you.
  13. Everything has its perfect timing.

I appreciate and still remember almost everything. Even though he left early, his memories will be forever in our hearts.

Right now, he will not able to see anymore and  experience the world I can offer to him, but I know if he is here, he will smile back to me and says “That’s my Sheena”.

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Famous personalities that I would love to meet

Since I was young, I really look up to the persons who are older than me. I adore them. Their presence and actions allow me to see things in advance. Also the reason why I like to be friends with them. I learn a lot.

The reason why I prefer to meet those persons who can share more ideas.

I love to learn from them.

He are the list of personalities that I would love to meet in person so far: (in order)

1. Jack Ma

2. Guy Kawasaki

3. Simon Sinek

4. Richard Branson

5. Sheryl Sandberg

6. Ingrid Vandervelt

7. Steve Wozniak

8. Bill Gates

9. Barack Obama

10. Mark Zuckerberg

Hopefully one day we are having a coffee together. 🙂